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Sun and Ice, our offer and objective

We offer high-quality and high-performance solar cookers including all necessary accessories.

Our solar cookers have proven themselves 40,000 times all across the globe. We focus on the distribution of the solar cooker in order to make use of renewable energies and protect the natural resources.

Sun and Ice - What does this name mean?

Sun and Ice on a first look seems in itself a contradiction, but in effect it does mean the ability to use the vast energy resources of the sun for both heating and cooling purposes.
Our solar cookers uses the energy of the sun to achieve the high temperatures by concentrating the sun rays. Further the sun energy can also be used for cooling purposes, whereas the days where cooling is needed most, are parallel to those where the maximum solar energy can be achieved.

Our company has developed an environmental friendly cooling system which uses the sun as a propulsion element. As a coolant, only water and a sand similar product is used.
Please await further information as when this product will be available for sale.